Not really depressive for a monday

Hello beauties! How’s going your new week of summer? Or which season is where you live.. Anyway, even if somethings wrong stop worrying about them. Well, that’s not really a good advice i know you can’t just stop to think about them but you know, life is weird. Weirdest thing ever and you can’t know what it will bring to you. Just look at me, my life was a shit all this year but now in just 1day everything changed. I started to earn money, i’m dancing all day, everyday. I don’t know where is going to but it’s good for now. At least i just don’t sit home and get into depressive mood. I always have something to do to keep out of it. 

All this year, i tried to do something about my future. Not really like my other friends but for my own wants. But i always got disappointments at the end. Like everytime i tried. Even i saw a new opportunity i started to afraid to try ’cause after all i’m not ready to another fall and a door that shut my face but it did again. It’s the hardest part that trying to get your life together and that’s what i was trying to do all this year, still doing.. 

I don’t have any idea what’s next. I’m just really sick of to think about it ’cause believe me i always did. Now,i’m just doing what i have. And it’s healing by self. 

Last monday i went to contemporary dance class, wore this gergous outfit for the day. Found this jean overall in my wardrobe that i don’t even know i have it, but you know how fashion the jean overalls lately, took striped jacket for a belt with “summer boots”. Hope you like it too.. ๐Ÿ™‚