DIY “The Buttoned Skirt”


Hello beauties! Hope everything is going amaaaziingg! There could be always some problems but we are strong,yes, you are. So yes,everything is amazing!

I told about you the buttoned skirts before remember? Well, it’s time to share how to have it. No,i’m not going to say stand up, go to the store and pay lots of money on it.. I’m going to say that you can make it without spending money. It’s so simple!

All you need is;

1-Jean skirt (obviously)

2-Buttons that you like




11823941_10205707144492673_442986914_n 11830204_10205707144452672_786013221_n11801973_10205707144612676_259483347_n-001

And put the buttons on the skirt then start to sew it. Make sure it going one right way ’cause i made two skirts and one of them is not really went right.. Don’t really think i can wear it..