Has Been Crazy

Hello guys! I can’t believe how many times since my last post. But my life has been crazy lately. I’m so tired that my head about to blow because of headache and i feel like i’m dying, it hurts f*cking much.. I’m so stressful and tired lately plus air conditioning it finally turns into a unbearable headache.. 

I’m going to contemparory dance classes all day, everyday. Woke up 8am it starts 10:30(my road takes more than an hour) and finish at 5pm or maybe even late.. I love it, i’m not complaining but the thing is i was preparing to get a university for contemparory dance but then i learnt that i can’t get in even if i’m good.. They don’t accept because that my exam i got for the university. It’s really complicated but they don’t accept the exam that i got in. 

Well now, i have nothing left to do after all. All this year I tried my best to get what i want but all of them end with huge disappointments so i don’t have any idea about what’s next.. 

Sorry for couldn’t able to share anything.. I miss you so much guys! There is anyone else to take my pictures in the early morning all this 2weeks so i had nothing to share but i’m back! Love you..