Love it Better

Hi cuties! How are you? Summer is almost over sadly:(( and i can’t get in the university that i really want for dance ’cause of stupid reasons.. Don’t really know what i’ll do next. I don’t have a school right now, i have literally nothing. 

I don’t think one year break is a bad idea lately. I’ve always wanted to study abroad so maybe if this year i’ll take a break, i can prepare for the university to get out of this country(don’t take it wrong, turkey is a really amazing country,istanbul is so beautiful but it’s been 17 years that i lived here so isn’t it really enough?). 

Time will show me what’s next but now, i’m just so tired of trying hard always and not even get a result everytime. So i’m just floating right now.. And just for a little while i love it better.. 

This is my outfit that i choosed just for another dance day.. Hope you like it ’cause i love it!