Let’s Follow The Sun


Some gypsy soul,some hippie mood. I always have. The hairstyle look like a russian doll but make me feel so good and comfortable. Flying flowery skirts floating on my legs. Watching the summer ends. Still want it in my every piece. So i’m just deciding to follow the sun to the everywhere it go. Because that’s all we have.. The moments that we love, that we have fun, that we feel much and much.. And for me the moments comes with the sun. 

I want to follow the sun for my whole life.. With a messy hair, dirty mind and dirty feets.. I want to collect amazing memories for my mind but especially for my heart.. I want to grow like a wild but innocent flower. 

I want to find my way. Everything is so complicated and i don’t figure out how i should live my life, which road should i take, there is a lot. I don’t understand why every road is looking so dark right now that i can’t understand where will i go. 

One day, i finally leave all and start to follow the sun. Just follow the sun and have the life that i have a desire for. One day i’ll finally find my way and find everything that i’m searching for. That one day.. 

“She would be half a planet away,floating in a turquoise sea,dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar…”