Our Riptide

Today i found it. No, i actually finally explore it, realize it. My riptide. 

Everyone is trying to find their ridtide, you think you’re trying to find your way and your comfort zone but no, it’s not like what you think. We are working on our riptides. We are all trying to solve the knots, trying to solve our riptides and we should let ourselves to do it, to find ourselves, find that what heart is wants.

That riptide that we are all running from is actually the way that everything we want. I found it while walking on the streets and get lost in them. I get lost today, many times.. But with it i found most beautiful places that i’ve been always wondering.. I found the people, different lives and different eyesights…

Found my riptide and i think i’m learning to love it and accept it with all the mysteries in it. You should think about that..