Define it, if you can


Hello guys! How is everything? During this fashion month i’m just watching the snapchat stories of the shows and checking instagram in every 20minutes to make sure not missing anything.. And it’s a really good way to escape my real world.. Actually i love my world even all the rougness, i really do. ‘Cause always i’m trying to do what i love to do. Sometimes i fall hardly but everytime i always work for what i love. The only thing is i have lots of things that i really adore and love to do.. I don’t want to choose and at the end that’s why i really fall.. 

Even you can understand what i’m talking about when you look at my style posts. I don’t really know how can i explain my style. How can i define it? I had a really girly girl style once. Loved to wear high heels and you know much girly girl clothes but then i also had a grunge style for a short term but now i just have a comfortable style… I used to wear heels in my daily life but lately i just can’t.. I think i should start to wear. They look great but i walk a lot lot.. Maybe i give it a try in a day without a much walk. 

Whatever, yesterday i choosed for a much hippie mood. Oversive pant, oversize white t-shirt,oversize jean jacket..