For An Another Story


It’s what it just for.Life is all about just an another story that we made. Sometimes only stays in our minds,sometimes for real life. What we make us are only the stories. Even the story that you only keep it yourself in on your mind or maybe in your heart. Which one is heavier than the other. Your heart or your mind? Which one is make stories for reality in your life? If you asked me about it, i’d say my mind, unfortunetely and desperately but yes, my answer is mind. And i really get mad about this. Because actually mind is a obstraction for the things that we want. It is. Why we just stop on everything? Why we give up? What we afraid? It’s always mind that gives us anxiety and everything else. But on the other hand, sometimes i just want to take off my heart on a chair to feel much better, to feel comfortable for a little while. The feelings that makes us mad is because of heart. Blamer of all the feelings is our heart. So what do you think? Which one is more blamer than the other? Well, i don’t have an answer for this. 

I’m confused now. If this story stayed in my mind instead of writing it in here, i wouldn’t be confused that much. I mean i’m always confused about everything but i feel it more when it comes to reality and fall to the words slowly. The stories will always fight for if they only stay for us or turn into reality. It’s up to us. The power is ourselves so even when they’re fighting ,i mean your heart and your mind, it’s all up to you. But your heart is you and also your mind is you. Is that mean you’re fighting with yourself? Am i fighting with myself. 

I’m confused. Again. But i think the answer is yes. 

And this is just an another story about our stories.. Just added one more for real life. 

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