Happy Halloween!


Hello cuties! While we still thinking about our crazy halloween night i think i should share my night. 

What were you on this halloween? Which personality or costume you choosed? A costume of yourself or a costume of an another character?

Any situation, whatever you choosed to be i’m sure that it was amazing. 

I choosed to be the black swan. -because i already had the costume because of my ballet resitals and why not?-My sister was the white swan and two of us dancing in the dance floor was amazing! 

We went to the party that my twin was djing and my twin choosed to be the joker, i don’t think there would be any better joker in this world! He was looking amazing that he could live with that make up! 

Here is the photos from our halloween night! Hope you had a great night too! Really wondering what did you choose to be but i’m sure it was the best!