Mornings with Besties


Let’s think about that. What’s your favorite memories? Who were you with? How did you made them? How did you find them? It’s a really long story to how did i find my best friends but one thing is i’m so grateful about it. Even if i won’t going to write how we found each other, i actually remember all. Well, maybe not every little piece but the first things that we made, to build this friendships.. 

Last thursday we went to breakfast in a really lovely place and also really cheap, unexpectedly. The place was amazing and after we spend hours in there, like probably 3-4 hours! We took some pics to made this day eternal. 

I love them so much. What’s your favorite memories? I think everyday is my favorite if i’m spending with them. I’m a really “can be happy with little things” kinda girl. Hope you’re just like that too ’cause i don’t know if i can handle with all of this in any other way.. Life is strange, weird but beautiful at all. Find the beautiful moments, make it more and more.. Never lose hope, alone or with someone. Never lose it. Life is amazing, even in the lowest moods to highest… Kisses cuties!