Who’d ignore a comfy Sunday?



Hello beautiful people! Another week just over and tomorrow is just an another chance to live better! Tomorrows are always a new chance to live better,to make your dreams come true without even a certain thing, with only hope. With hope,people can do anything they want,that’s why i don’t believe in impossibles in life…

Okeey,whatever.. After the motivation talk(!) i can explain this posts subject. Well,my father has a clothing store, i mean we have a clothing store and we decided to made a campaign for it with a lovely video and photo-shoot with the clothes that i choosed. 

Model: ME!


Photo Editor: ME!

Video Editor: ME AGAIN!

Photographer: My twin(thank god)!

I’d like to start my posts with comfy sunday outfits. You can take a look at them also in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Billy-Collection-352734381451337/?pnref=story ! and Instagram: billy_collection



  • And the video that we made for Billy Collection Campaign: