Starter to Week



Am i too late to share a Monday Motivation Look? Yes,i know but there will be lots of mondays ahead so, i’m not exactly late for it ha? 

Are mondays really always bad for you? ‘Cause for me,not lately.. After months without school,not really for me. I’m not going university this year and i don’t need to wake up early for a job so mondays are not a deppressive thing for me anymore. Don’t know how long it takes and i’m not sure if i really comfortable with this mood. 

I don’t know what a monday means to you,bad or good. Maybe you have someone to see in mondays to fridays so you just can’t hate it or maybe you just can’t stand the people that you deal with during weeks and mondays are a real nightmare for you. In any situation,you need to show how stylish,beautiful and a strong woman you are. That’s wht i’m sharing this post. When you are not in mood to even for good clothes or you’re in the right mood but don’t have any idea what to wear for,here is a little tip for you! 

Hope you like it strong women! Oh, and all these clothes also from Billy Collection!