The Girl You Want To Leave The Party With.


First thing that i need to say, the girls is not me. Not even close. I’m not that kinda girl you want to leave the party with, trust me. But,let’s act like i’m one those:

Christmas is coming and we are all looking for some cool clothes to wear on the parties! Yes? I’m in the same struggle too but! I just have nowhere to go for now. I don’t even think that i’ll go anywhere on the new year’s eve. I don’t like to spend the night in outside but who knows maybe i’ll break my rule this year! 

Would you say that “i’m totally the girl you want to leave the party with”? If the answer is yes, or no it doesn’t matter, any other way you can look like one;


 And there is a video on my instagram account for this post!: @gizemmseckin