Happy Friday Night!


Hi again beauties! It’s weekend,once again in our lifetimes. Cheers to this once again friday night! A glass of wine would be totally amazing right now. But i just can’t use to drink. I really want to but once i did and it wasn’t end quitely well so i just can’t make peace with alcohol after that. Maybe one day we’ll shot a glass of wine ha? Maybe.

Do you have that moments you don’t really find out what you exactly feel? Like feeling you just don’t fit in but also you imagine if you do it, you’d be more comfortable and relaxed. But you know that you just don’t fit in and being comfortable is all about you’re going with the flow, because it’s easier and of course more safe. 

But i don’t want it. I don’t want safety, i hate the flow. When i look around, i can’t find someone who understands it. Everyone goes with the flow even the ones i thought they’d never do. I’m afraid i’ll do this too. ‘Cause as i said it it’s more safety and sometimes that’s make sense more than others. 

Cheers to once again to this friday night one more! To the people who refuse to go with the flow, also the people who says they’d never go with the flow but they did. They have the biggest heartbreak that they’ll always have, the one that never goes! Now drink it,shot it and dance. 


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