Feeling Warm even in the Cold Weather


Hello cuties! How’s going? It’s almost that magical time of the year! Christmas is just around the corner and isn’t it make you feel amazing? While you walking the streets with lights and shines, when everywhere has that christmas lights… 

Sometimes mondays are not bad. Like yesterday. We had a really lovely day with my mom, we went really lovely places in Istanbul and that was amaaziiingg! All the christmas vibes make me feel warm even in the cold weather. 

Look at my new pink coat! It’s really amazing i love the unicorn pattern on the back. And it’s pink! Another reason why i adore it! Pink was a kinda childish colour once but i don’t think people still think in that way. Pink is one of the most glamouries colour.. Of course it depends how you use it or which tone you choose but let’s admire it, pink is a magical and amazing colour! 

Also look at my fluffy red headset! I needed to buy them on the road while we were walking because it was extremely cold! But i love it, it’s so fluffy and i love the colour(yaaasss?!) !