It’s almost over. Almost snow is here. Almost everything is done. This could probably my last post of 2015. I remember how i started this year. My last posts of 2014 and everything. And i don’t know i just realized how things changed. How much things changed. I really realize it now. Wow. 

I don’t know if there is so much things to say. I don’t know what to say. Because, yes it’s hole new year ahead and hope everything will be okay but isn’t it always end in the same way? Every end of the year we say exactly the same things to each other, best wishes and blah blah blah.. Are you always saying the same things also to yourself? I don’t. I have really changed over years. I’m not the girl i used to be and i’m not sure i’ll be the same after a couple of years. So the things that i said to myself already changed. And i don’t know if i’m missing the things i used to say or am i really appreciate the things i say now. Well, i don’t think it’s matter after this point because new year is ALMOST here and i’m giving you to the best cliché advice one more time! 

New year, new life,new hopes. A hole new chapter to our lifes. Make sure it’ll be a good one and worth the every word of the book! 

That’s enough for now because i’ll make a long one for my New Year Night post.. 

For the last days of 2015 i choosed more oversize and comfortable style and because of they say the snor storm is coming i just wanted to be really comfortable and the snow already started this morning! I never remember a New Year’s Eve with a snowy weather! But maybe that’s a little clue that 2016 will be amazing with full of new experiences?! Maybe. 

I’m in love with this vintage fur coat that actually belongs to my mom, i love it, it’s so fluffy and it really keeps me warm(thank god!). And look at my bootieeees! There is no close picture of them but i’ll share a photo of them soon. They are black with siler stars on it! I love them! Hope you like my 2015’s last couple days outfit! See you soon guys! Kisseeees!