Time flies but we never really aware of it.Time flies but we never really catch it. Just one year more passed away in our lifes, with good memories and the bad ones. Which one you mostly remeber? Good ones or the bad ones? I don’t know your answer but to be honest i don’t know mine too.. Sometimes bad memories covers the good ones but sometimes good ones covers all of them. Sometimes hope covers all of them. But! We all okay! Life goes on and i love it the way it helds all the things even all the broken dreams and a little broken heart. I just love being alive, i love my family, my friends, i love the way how i growth myself! I love the way how my eyes sparkles when i’m doing what i love, and even i love the way sometimes how life hurts me. Okay, not much love it but how can i say, life is life and there is no any other way to love it to stand this life, this world. 

I don’t know how you spend your new year’s eve, and i’m not going to waste this post to talk about my night. I’m just going to say the best wishes for you. I’m going to make mines in 2016 and now it’s your turn too. Mine and yours. Make it count. Make it a good one. Make sure of it. 

I don’t know but i think i don’t like to idea of a whole new year because that means there will be more hopes but also that means there coulde be more dissapontments, there will be more love but also that means there could be more heartbrokens.. I think i’m afraid of love, no i don’t think, i know it. I’m freaking out of the idea of being in love. And sometimes i think i’m afraid of life too, but i’m not really sure about it yet. 

2016 will be the best year of our lives, i won’t belive it’ll be worst. It will be okay. Maybe even an amazing one. I’m giving you the best wishes for not just 2016 but for your whole life. I hope you’ll make it, and i know you can make it. And you know you can too. Be sure about it. You know it. 

Anyway i’m going to waste this post a little bit to talk about my new year’s eve night! I wore this AMAZING velvet dress with a really big and fluffy fur oversize coat and i wore this heels booties because there was snow a lot lot on the outside and it was cold! I’ve never remember a new year’s eve night with a snowy weather before and i don’t like it because it was hard to walk or even went out especially when it’s new year’s eve! But anyway i really love my style for this special night and hope you like it too! I love all of you guys! Hope you’ll have a wonderful life! I believe it will, you know you believe it too.. Kisseeessssss!!!!!