Maybe in a different What?


It’s still cold, there is still snow in some places on the road and snow will come again with an huge storm in the next couple of days but about today i want to say “The day after Winter” because it feels like it, like these are the last snow on the ground.

While this crazy cold days, think the way like it make you feel warm a little bit, at least for me. 

I combined a mustard sweater and same colour scarf with vintage high-belt jean, black booties and my favorite vintage fur coat! 

How’s going your life? Is everything okay or life is just being life? I guess you’re saying “Life is just being life”. Yes, it is. And i know it f***ing hurts sometimes and maybe even almost every minute is hurting as f***. Fuck. No need sansure for it. But i think best advice in this situation is let the dreams be dreams. Not like let the dreams stay in dreams but never loose your dreams. 

I’m not a fan to call them “dreams” because when i listen people i always realize the things they call “dream” were always stay in a dream, and now for me, “dream” is a thing that can’t be make it real, can’t make it happen kinda thing. So,i just give up on using the word “dream” for my “dreams”(?!).

I’m not sure what i’m calling them, maybe in a different world and different people i could call them “dreams” but in that world, no. 

Think about what you’re calling them. Think about in which word you can make them happen…