I’m so tired this week. I got to wake up early a couple of times and i don’t use to it, after last school year, i’m not going to college this year and yes,i do wake up early sometimes but this time it make me exhausted, as i said it, it’s been a long time… 

This friday morning i got to wake up and not really a early one but waking up was hardest thing to do today. I just really didn’t want to do it but i had to. 

I didn’t wake up at the time so i just need a quick ready to go outfit and that’s it! When i was eating my breakfast this outfit just came up to my mind and i got ready quickly to catch my driver lesson! Yeeeesss, i’m preparing to be a badasss driveeerr! No, well maybe… I’ve never drive a car before and this was my only second lesson but it’s going really well. Right teacher?! 

I wore a jean with a black sweater but actually it was my dress when i was little now it turns into a top! With my lovely boooootiieess. And got my beautiful h&m fur coat and a clutch for complete my look. A quicky outfit for the friday! 

Let’s talk about your plans for tonight and the rest of the weekend. I don’t have any. I just have two more driver classes for the weekend and that’s all! What a great way to spend an amazing weekend right? I know.. 

Well,to be honest i have not much friends to hang out with anymore. Because i don’t go to school this year but everyone else does and at this times they’re choose to go with the magic of to meet new people and new friends,new groups. I understand. I could be the one that did this but life.. I can’t blame them but i do sometimes. Sorry but i do. Just sometimes. So am i really ready for a weekend that will spend in the home without even a text? I have to be. 

Sometimes i want to text to my friends that i’m not talking with for some reasons but i stop myself everytime. I don’t know how long i’ll stop myself because it’s getting really boring to watch all your friends has new friends to hang out and you have no one to talk. 

Any other way, i know this is all temporary. And i know these will be a stupid memory in my stupid mind. 

Hope you have great things to do for this weekend! Oh, i just remembered, maybe i’ll go to a concert that my twin will be djing on saturday, not sure but why not?