When the Sun Goes Down



I said, “Who’s that girl there?”
I wonder what went wrong
So that she had to roam the streets
She don’t do major credit cards
I doubt she does receipts
It’s all not quite legitimate

And what a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he’ll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes,
Yeah, that he’s got a driving ban
Amongst some other offences


‘Cause they said it changes when the sun goes down
Yeah, they said it changes when the sun goes down
They said it changes when the sun goes down
Around here
Around here

Look here comes a Ford Mondeo
Isn’t he Mister Inconspicuous?
And he don’t even have to say ‘owt
She’s in the stance ready to get picked up

Bet she’s delighted when she sees him
Pulling in and giving her the eye
Because she must be fucking freezing
Scantily clad beneath the clear night sky
it doesn’t stop in the winter, no

and they said it changes when the sun goes down..


Arctic Monkeys-When the sun goes down 


Bu sefer iki farklı stili bir arada paylaşıyorum. İkisi de birbirinden tamamen farklı ama ikisi de güneş battıktan sonra ortaya çıkan kişiliğimiz için. Güneş battıktan sonra ortaya çıkan belki hüzünlü olan yanımız ya da tam tersi enerji dolu olan yanımız.. İkisini de burada bulabilirsiniz. Biraz daha aşağı inmeniz ve daha yakından bakmanız gerekiyor yalnız.. Hangisinin hangisi olduğu ya da sizin hangisi olduğunuz ise size kalmış… Umarım anlatabilmişimdir. Kısa ve öz. 

This time i’m sharing 2 different outfit in one post. Two of them are so diffrent from the other but still has the same power. They are the ones for our personality that came up after the sun goes down. Can be the one of the melancholic part of ourselfs or the opposite one, the one with full of energy.. You can find both of it here. Just, you need to come closer and look… Which one is the melancholic part or happy part, or actually which one is you.. It’s your choice, you’ll decide it. But hope i can explain myself well… So take a closer look…