Time flies but we never really aware of it.Time flies but we never really catch it. Just one year more passed away in our lifes, with good memories and the bad… Continue reading


   It’s almost over. Almost snow is here. Almost everything is done. This could probably my last post of 2015. I remember how i started this year. My last posts of 2014 and… Continue reading

Feeling Warm even in the Cold Weather

   Hello cuties! How’s going? It’s almost that magical time of the year! Christmas is just around the corner and isn’t it make you feel amazing? While you walking the streets with lights… Continue reading

Just Before Leaving the Home

   Hi again cuties! New week, new moods, new experiences and most importantly one step closer to christmas!  It always gets too late to take pictures on outside when i want to ’cause… Continue reading

Next ones or the Lasts

Hello people! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty boring, we just went to a caffe to talk on saturday night but we have good plans for next weekend. I should share this… Continue reading

Happy Friday Night!

Hi again beauties! It’s weekend,once again in our lifetimes. Cheers to this once again friday night! A glass of wine would be totally amazing right now. But i just can’t use to drink.… Continue reading

The Girl You Want To Leave The Party With.

   First thing that i need to say, the girls is not me. Not even close. I’m not that kinda girl you want to leave the party with, trust me. But,let’s act like… Continue reading

Starter to Week

  Am i too late to share a Monday Motivation Look? Yes,i know but there will be lots of mondays ahead so, i’m not exactly late for it ha?  Are mondays really always… Continue reading

Who’d ignore a comfy Sunday?

  Hello beautiful people! Another week just over and tomorrow is just an another chance to live better! Tomorrows are always a new chance to live better,to make your dreams come true without… Continue reading

Mornings with Besties

   Let’s think about that. What’s your favorite memories? Who were you with? How did you made them? How did you find them? It’s a really long story to how did i find… Continue reading