A drink for Saturday. 

   Hi amazing people! How’s going? Hope everything is fine. Today started really depressive for me but then i realized how amazing the weather is and decided to go for run, i never… Continue reading

Story:Istanbul Light Festival

   Hi beauties! Sorry for not updating lately but while this times i don’t know how to share a blog post about how the day was amazing and how i was happy.. I… Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

   Hello cuties! While we still thinking about our crazy halloween night i think i should share my night.  What were you on this halloween? Which personality or costume you choosed? A costume… Continue reading

Grey is bombing to the colours

   To the art galleries, to the pizza sessions,to the dessert bombs,chocolate comas… Sometimes the grey is getting colourful things. Just sometimes the colur bomb pumps in your heart to the veins in… Continue reading

Kill The .

   Who is going to kill you? Or this you that killing it?  A sunday question for you.  “Kill The .” Outfit. What’s your kill the . Outfit? Is it more like a… Continue reading

For An Another Story

It’s what it just for.Life is all about just an another story that we made. Sometimes only stays in our minds,sometimes for real life. What we make us are only the stories. Even… Continue reading

Ultimate Vegas Style

Imagine that your’re in a dreamy vegas trip! Staying in amazing hotels,the clubs,shows,casinos… And what else up on your mind when i said Vegas? Vegas is always a mystery for me.Who knows what… Continue reading

‘Fall’ Outfit

   Hi beauties! How’s everything? Mine is little bit complicated. As always said.. It’s always complicated isn’t it?  Last monday i wore this ‘fall’ outfit for a lunch and tea with my sister. … Continue reading

Magical Moments Of Life

   There is a light! There is always a light. What you really love to do? I have lots of things.. I can’t even count there is a lot.. And they are just… Continue reading

Cool Chills

   Breakfast morning, bycycle riding on the seaside, some amazing desserts with homemade lemonade, coffee moments..  Last wednesday i was with my best friends. We had a really beautiful day. It’s been a… Continue reading