Take me to Paris

My best day ever ! I’ve been Paris just a few hours but that’s enough to im in love to Paris. I always want to go Paris and when i went i was… Continue reading

Pink and White

Cute outfit from autumn 🙂

Workout Like Angels

Summer is coming and we still eat fast foods and get weights! If we want look great in bikini,we have to do workout! I started the workout and it’s really work 😀 SUMMER… Continue reading

Daddy’ Girl

My Dad,my hero,my king

Don’t Turn Around

Sunshine with long dress

Strike a Pose

Comfortable outfit for today

Checkers and Neon Green

For Summer

Style Inspiration

Russian it-girl Lena Perminova style. Perfect style. I really like colorful outfits. Good job Lena i love that!

New Day New Week

Outfit for first day of new week. Most people hates mondays but i love mondays ’cause mondays means new week,new stories,new lifes.. So SMILE 🙂 IT’S MONDAY!

Billboard Music Awards

Selena Gomez-“Atelier Versace” I think the dress is not good on her body and i dont like her hair sorry Selena i love u but wrong choice Miley Cyrus-“Balmain” Perfect choice Miley! My… Continue reading